“My greatest professional satisfaction comes from seeing patients who are thrilled with their new appearance and excited to share this with me. I believe this success is built upon an open and thorough exchange of information so that my patients develop realistic expectations and trust in me as their surgeon. Only through such a collaborative relationship can we feel at the end that we have succeeded together.”

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Nk Park is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon serving in Gangnam district and including patients from all over the world. His practice focuses on aesthetic eyelids and facial rejuvenation surgery, and he is fellowship trained in this specific area of plastic surgery. He is on the adjunct clinical faculty at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital and the most prestigious Seoul National University Hospital.

Dr. Park came from a family of medical doctors and knew at an early age that this would be his calling. He received his medical degree with multiple honors from Kosin University. While in medical school, his interest in plastic surgery blossomed, and went on to complete training in plastic surgery residency at St. Mary's Hospital. To develop his interest in cosmetic surgery, he accepted fellowships at the Seoul National University Hospital, where the best doctors gathered across the state.

Today, Dr. Park focuses on double-eyelid surgery, facelift, and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Park is a caring individual who constantly pursues perfection and takes great pride in his work. 

He is founder and director of Noonopi Plastic Surgery in Gangnam. Noonopi Clinic has been recognized as the top satisfaction results and the most-named clinic for blepharoplasty and facelift among Korean celebrities.

Nk Park's Seoul cosmetic surgery office is located at Gangnam-daero 446, just one minute walk from gate #6 Sinnonhyeon station or five minute walk from gate #11 Gangnam station. Our experienced staff is dedicated to meeting all the needs of our patients, with a particular focus on privacy.

Procedures are performed at our on-site surgical center, which is accredited by the organization responsible for evaluating outpatient surgical facilities. Certified facilities are subjected to rigorous inspections and meet the highest safety and quality patient care standards.

Nk Park focuses on eyelid surgery and facial rejuvenation

He provides satisfaction to patients in all fields of eyelid procedures, such as double eyelid surgery, treatment for droopy eyelids or bags under eyes, and complicated revisional surgeries.

Above all, Dr. Park does offer the best solutions to your age-defying changes, from non-invasive lifting to brow lift, facelift, and fat grafting. His honored reputation and phenomenal results will make your life younger and more beautiful than ever.

Choosing Upper Blepharoplasty, Infra-brow Lift, and Forehead Lift in Asians

Evidence-based practice

Nk Park is a sought-after teacher, speaker, lecturer, and instructor in plastic surgery techniques. He is a regularly featured Guest Lecturer at the Korean society and has served as Visiting Professor at the St. Mary's Hospital and Seoul National University Hospital.

As a doctor, he picks three treasures; a copy of Cosmo, medical journals, and textbooks. He never does any procedures that lack theoretical basis. It is his pride to provide safe and proven treatment based on 'evidence-based medicine' for each and every customer. He will never try to upsell you or coerce you into a procedure that isn't right for your needs or doesn't respect and preserve your overall well-being for the long term.

Korean Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nk Park

Balanced harmony

Dr. Park treats each patient like family, pursuing their highest good. Every time he enjoys thinking about where and how to look and feel their very best. Rather than following the cliché, he pursues a beauty as if it used to be in their original look, considering the balance and harmony with other parts of the face. Because of this, patients in the Gangnam district and beyond have come to trust Dr. Park exclusively with their cosmetic procedures.

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 Artisan of Beauty

Dr. Park is arguably the best facelift surgeon Seoul has to offer. He is renowned for his attention to detail and his unique techniques to obtain maximum improvement while preserving a soft, natural, harmonious, and "non-surgical" appearance along with inconspicuous scars.

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A surgeon with artistic vision

Dr. Park maintains the mindset that he had been commissioned for an art craft. The most priority in his practice is the satisfaction of the patients. Like a Luthier makes their instrument in a small workplace, he will create masterpieces who seek outstanding results while maintaining unique facial features.