Neck Lift: Solutions for Turkey Neck and Double Chin


One of the telltale signs of aging is a redundant lax neck. This article will introduce what a beautiful neck should look like and how the neck lift or double chin removal are performed.

1. What is a neck lift?

A neck-lift is a cosmetic procedure that tightens the loose skin, removes excess fat, and improves muscle laxity in the neck area to give a more youthful and attractive appearance.

2. Features of a beautiful neck

Features of a beautiful neck
Features of a beautiful neck

When viewed from the side, an ideal neck should have the following characteristics:

  • A sharp angle between the jawline and neck, around 105-110 degrees.
  • A smooth, bump-free area under the chin.
  • Visible contours of the lower jaw.
  • A slightly visible sternocleidomastoid muscle contour.

3. Who Benefits from a Neck-Lift?

turkey neck
Aging neck

A drooping neck is common among older Caucasians but is not as typical in Asian populations, who tend to accumulate fat in the neck area rather than having sagging skin. It is thought that Westerners tend to have lax skin more, while Asians tend to get fat more, making an obtuse angle, although Caucasian male often shows a double chin appearance.


4. Surgical method for double chin removal

A small incision is made under the chin to access the saggy skin, protruding fat, and lax muscles. If necessary, excessive fat deep in the platysma muscle is excised.

Cross section of the neck (deeper tissue toward the right)

Unlike liposuction, which can only remove the superficial fat above the platysma muscle, neck-lift surgery can reach deep fat to give a smoother appearance.

Schema of muscle-plicating technique
Neligan Vol2. 12. Neck rejuvenation
Schema of muscle-plicating technique
Ref : Neligan Vol2. 12. Neck rejuvenation

The platysma muscle is then tightened to improve its laxity, a technique known as corset platysmaplasty.

5. Two types of double chin surgery

1) Short Scar Neck-Lift

This procedure involves making a 3 cm incision under the chin, allowing deeper tissue manipulation.

short scar neck lift
Area for short scar neck-lift
Ref : Short Scar Neck Lift. Neck Lift Using a Submental Incision Only.

It is suitable for those with less sagging skin and is a popular option for men who are reluctant to undergo a facelift.


2) Extended Neck Lift

The traditional neck-lift involves making an incision behind the ear to treat moderate skin excess. It can be combined with a facelift for a more dramatic effect and is similar in incision planning to a typical facelift without the temporal portion.

extended neck lift
Incisional design for extended neck-lift
Ref : Male facelift

This procedure allows the lower SMAS flap to be advanced to improve the lower face and jawline, which a Short Scar Neck-Lift alone would not treat.

Facelift and neck-lift three months post-op
Facelift and neck-lift three months post-op
facelift and neck lift
facelift and neck lift 4days after

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