Comparing Surgical Method in Double Eyelid Surgery Korea


Double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the appeal of the eyes, giving them a brighter and more vibrant look. As people age, the appearance of their eyes may change due to factors like decreased elasticity of the eyelids, accumulation of fat, or sagging. To address these changes, let’s delve into the details of double eyelid surgery, exploring both the buried and incision methods to achieve clearer and more attractive eyes.
Dr Nk Park from Noonopi Plastic Surgery, which are named clinic for double eyelid surgery Korea shares insights into the significance of eyes in forming first impressions. Double eyelid surgery is a popular choice for enhancing eye charm, and it comes in various methods, each with its own advantages and considerations based on the patient’s needs and eye condition.

1. Introduction about Double Eyelid Surgery Korea

Double eyelids are natural creases formed when the levator aponeurosis lifts the eyelids upward, creating a fold. 


Double eyelid surgery in Korea, also known as Asian blepharoplasty, aims to mimic this natural crease, making the eyes appear more defined and sometimes larger. There are different types of double eyelid surgery, including the buried and incision methods, each offering unique visual effects depending on factors like eye shape and size.

2. Types of Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea


Double eyelid surgery is primarily categorized into two methods:

  • Buried Method: This non-incision technique involves tying the inner tissue of the eyelid using a special thread, without cutting the skin. It offers quick recovery and minimal scarring, making it suitable for younger individuals without sagging skin.
  • Incision Method: This method involves making a direct incision in the eyelid to remove excess fat, muscle, and skin, resulting in a longer recovery period but suitable for middle-aged or older individuals with sagging eyelids.

3. Considerations for Double Eyelid Surgery

Various factors should be considered when choosing a double eyelid surgery method, including the type of double eyelid line desired and individual preferences. Factors like eyelid thickness, presence of ptosis or sleepy eyelids, and ease of forming double eyelids naturally influence the choice between burial and incision methods.

4. Detailed Insights into Buried Double Eyelid Surgery


The buried method involves tying the inner tissue of the eyelid using a special thread without incising the skin. This technique is suitable for individuals with thin eyelid skin, minimal fat, and mild ptosis, among other conditions. The surgical procedure, recovery process, and post-operative care are outlined to provide a comprehensive understanding.


5. Detailed Insights into Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery


The incision method entails making a direct incision in the eyelid skin to remove excess fat, muscle, or skin. This method is suitable for individuals with thicker eyelids, severe ptosis, or those requiring extensive eye correction. The surgical process, post-operative care, and conditions necessitating incision surgery are discussed in detail.


6. Side Effects and Solutions

Potential side effects of double eyelid surgery, such as loosening of the double eyelid line or dissatisfaction with appearance, are addressed along with preventive measures and solutions. Patients are advised to wait for the swelling to subside and tissues to stabilize before considering reoperation, if necessary.

7. About Plastic Surgery Korea

Double eyelid significantly enhances the appearance of the eyes and boosts confidence and satisfaction. Effective communication between the patient and doctor, thorough pre-operative preparation, and careful post-operative management are crucial for successful outcomes. While double eyelid surgery can enhance external beauty, inner confidence and worth should also be valued.


Dr Park who runs plastic surgery Korea clinic emphasizes the importance of consulting with a medical professional for personalized advice and guidance tailored to individual needs and conditions.

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