Men’s blepharoplasty: Monolids vs. Double Eyelids


More and more male visits plastic surgery clinics. When it comes to male blepharoplasty, they often prefer a subtle change and are not tolerated with the operated look. Ptosis correction without a double eyelid fold can be the solution. Let’s explore the differences between Asian men’s eyelid surgery and women’s, including the shape of the double crease, surgical procedures, and precautions.

1. Male blepharoplasty: hidden lid vs. monolids

Double eyelid surgery for men has several distinct features; the double eyelid folds should not be too high. Sock-sang surgery creates a low-level eyelid fold just above the lashes. This fold may be hidden when the eye is in a neutral position but becomes visible when the eyelid is raised. On the other hand, Mu-sang or monolid surgery does not create a double crease, even when the skin is lifted with a finger. Making monolid eyes focuses on making the eyes look bigger and addressing droopy eyelids.

Monolid surgery with ptosis correction
Monolids surgery(Mu-sang) with ptosis correction
Double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction
Shallow double eyelid(Sock-sang) with ptosis correction

2. Mu-sang vs. Sock-sang: difference in the surgical procedure

Unlike double eyelid surgery for women, both Mu-sang and Sock-sang procedures have low-key incisions. Sock-sang places the eyelid crease slightly lower than the typical crease, with little skin to remove. A double eyelid fold is only created if enough skin is maintained. In contrast, Mu-sang requires removing some skin. Sock-sang requires suture fixation for the double eyelid fold, while Mu-sang surgery does not. Ptosis correction is a common procedure for male patients and is often performed alongside eyelid surgery.

3. Precautions for Mu-sang Surgery

After Mu-sang surgery, it can be challenging to create a double eyelid crease later, as the procedure involves removing a significant amount of skin. Women considering monolid surgery should think carefully about the procedure, as a double eyelid crease may not be possible after Mu-sang surgery. In such cases, an inline fold shape may be a better option.

4. Side Effects of Men’s Upper Eyelid Surgery

The side effects of male eyelid surgery are similar to those of traditional blepharoplasty. The side effects related to ptosis correction have been discussed in detail in another article, which you can find in the link provided.

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